Boiling An Egg = A Milestone

Boiling an egg. It’s probably the most basic cooking skill there is. It’s one of those things everyone knows how to do from infancy, somehow. But I didn’t. Until today.

I never wanted to learn how to boil an egg because I never wanted to admit that I didn’t know how. But today changed all of that. I really wanted an egg salad sandwich and I knew it was time to humble myself.

A mother’s love is unconditional. So naturally, I asked her.

She laughed.

But she gladly gave me instructions, and I’m pretty sure she still loves me.

I won’t post directions on how to boil an egg, because if you’re reading this and you’re a human being, you should already know.

But if you don’t, I’m here for you.


2 responses to “Boiling An Egg = A Milestone

  1. well, i for one always have to look it up before i do it, because i can never remember the times for the boiling and the setting and whatever. so i can join your club 😀

  2. u totally rock. i love you!

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